Occupy Wall Street: May Day Updates

05.01.12 Bucky Turco

It’s May 1st and for the past few months, Occupy Wall Street has been billing this day as a major milestone that will rekindle the movement and rewaken protesters from their winter slumber. There’s a multitude of actions planned throughout New York City (and the rest of the country) that will include marches, strikes, student walkouts, picket lines, drum circles, and inevitably, skirmishes with the NYPD. Check back for frequent updates from the field.

10:00 – Protestors march north through Times Square.

10:40 – Protesters flanked by NYPD scooters heading east on West 51st Street.

10:50 –The Fifth Avenue entrance to Rockefeller Center is barricaded.

10:52 – The crowd, almost a block long, as it makes its way south on Fifth Avenue and West 45th Street.

10:55 – Protesters at front of the march locking arms and chanting on Fifth Avenue.

11:00 – Crowd has taken two lanes of 42nd Street.

11:13 – Food is being served to occupiers as hundreds converge on Bryant Park.

11:24 – Protester occupying a dominatrix theme at Bryant Park.

11:31 – Occupier on steps of Bryant Park.

11:55 – Lady Liberty arrives.

12:15 – There’s a large crowd leaving Bryant Park chanting “march, march, march.” And so they are.

12:21 – Scooter convoy flanking marchers as they walk part New York Public Library.

12:27 – Marchers as they head east on 42nd Street.

12:35 – Occupiers chanting rhetorically: “Whose streets? Our streets.”

12:45 – Protesters picketed in front of the Capital Grille and officers quickly took up positions in front, creating some tensions. Now the crowd is headed west on 42nd Street.

12:55 – The highly organized and disciplined Rude Mechanical Orchestra marching band playing on 42nd Street.

13:12 – Creepy banker’s head on a stick in Bryant Park.

13:45 – Raw video of Rude Mechanical Orchestra playing a number on 42nd Street.

14:11 – The march from Bryant Park to Union Square is afoot.

14:22 – Double row of police scooters escorting protesters who are headed south on Fifth Avenue.

14:25 – Swelling crowd on its way to UnionSquare

14:40 – Occupiers clash with police as they take Fifth Avenue.

14:57 – Marchers as they reach Broadway and 21st Street.

15:02 – Broadway is occupied.

15:04 – Marchers as they enter Union Square.

15:11 – “All our grievances are connected” maypole at Union Square.

15:39 – A protester carries a faux barricade made out of foam and paper machè.

15:42 – Overhead of the masses assembled at Union Square.

15:57 – Line of police keeping watch from across the street.

17:13 – Protester tries to secure a good spot as Tom Morello performs.

17:13 – Police helicopter flying uncharacteristically low over Union Square.