The massive intelligence apparatus that is the New York City Police Department has been staying very busy. When they’re not keeping tabs on innocent Muslims, they’re reportedly doing recon on Occupy Wall Street supporters or young people who just happen to be hanging out thinking about protesting. Kira Moyer-Sims, 20, says she and three of her friends were arrested, strip searched and interrogated by officers this past November because of their alleged connection to an OWS march that was taking place about a dozen blocks away. Although the police charged them with obstructing governmental administration, the Manhattan DA refused to prosecute. Smartly, the quartet plans on suing the city for trampling their rights and so it should be interesting if their lawyer is able to subpoena the NYPD and see if they too have a department-researched yellow pages detailing all their favorite hangouts and sandwich shops. (Photo: Marc Dalio/flickr)