Of Course There Are Zombie Mutants in Chernobyl

03.19.12 Marina Galperina

In the horror genre’s endless pursuit of finding new reasons for protagonists to get dragged of screaming into the darkness, the Paranormal Activity dude made Chernobyl Diaries. Oooooh, the mysterious land of “Chernobyl”… that no one ever goes to, right?

How bad is it? The trailer cuts to an HDR photo. And of course, there’s a meaty Slav donning (what else?) an Adidas tracksuit — the “extreme tour guide” who “ignoring warnings” takes them to post-Chernobyl disaster town of Pripyat, the world’s capital of ruin porn.

Of course, they discover they are not alone because little mutant zombie children will presumably eat them. Ok.

And now, here’s a discotheque in Chernobyl, from real life, à la Guillaume Herbaut, à la the movie we’d like to see: