Here they are, the three, having dinner and just a few weeks ago Paul Schrader told ANIMAL he wasn’t sure about James Deen. And there’s the Deen getting paparazzied smoking with co-star Lindsay Lohan. This is their film set house. Look at all these news for The Canyons. All fancy. Why are we excited about this? It’s a microbudget Kickstarter-funded film. Also, see above.

As Bret Easton Ellis’s tweets tell us, filming begins July 9th. Can you imagine if the Kickstarter was still rolling? Also, Bret Easton Ellis’s tweets to inform us that you can still give them money: “If you send funds through paypal to you can get the same rewards THE CANYONS offered on kickstarter” where they made $159,015. That’s still a small budget, so there you go: Lindsay Lohan, indie actress. Kudos.

(Photo: Braxton Pope/Instagram)