Two college students in Novosibirsk, Russia set up this vending machine that sold exuberantly priced “Mentos.” They weren’t really Mentos. Oh, it gets craftier. The two opened up a fake convenience store, serving a very modest selection of snacks and beers with the vending machine proudly standing in the corner, stickerred with obvious jargon — “лови позитив,” meaning “feel some happy vibes” — and the price, 500 rubles ($17) for what the Russian media has dubbed “greens.” Oh, it gets dumber. These weren’t even real “greens” per se. Back in their dorm room, the two were balling up the smokable synthetic JWH-018, a.k.a. fake weed. 530 grams of “narcotics” were confiscated upon their arrest. They’re facing eight very real years in Russian prison.