What happens when New York’s most famous guerrilla crochet bomber takes on the famous British artist plopping cast metal clones of himself everywhere? Two IRL memes of the art world collide and claws come out.

So, two of 100 Antony Gormleys on Crosby beach in Merseyside, UK got neon crocheted by Olek.

Gormley says: “I feel that barnacles provide the best cover-up, but this is a very impressive substitute!” Meow. Sounds sarcastic.

Olek says: “”The pieces have been there for a while and people stop paying attention to them. By covering them and giving them a new skin, I made them more alive… besides, it is a public work and needs an interaction with a viewer.” Rowr! She just called the Gormleys bores.

Fight fight fight!

(Image: Liverpool Confidential)