Olek Crochet-Bombs
Prison Rap Video, Explains

08.09.12 Marina Galperina

And now, Polish-born New York-based artist Olek takes her art practicing of crochet-bombing everything from the Wall Street “Bull” to Antony Gormley’s sculpture clones to its ultimate WTF climax. A Polish rap video! Or rather, a spoken word poetic performance scored with light IDM, allegedly.

It was shot in a real Polish prison (cred!). Its actors are doing the robot and simulating some sort of jagged PDA while clad head-to-toe in Olek’s signature neon crochet suits. Also, they take a nap.

Apparently, there’s an English version of this Brzoska & Gawronski track coming out soon, because right now it’s quite mysterious and I call gather is that it’s called “Nowhere Else.” Where my Polish buddies at? Translate immediately! UPDATE: Olek herself helped us out with this one. Behold, Nowhere Else by Wojciech Brzoska. Olek says, “He works in a prison where I taught women how to crochet. I fell in love with the architecture…. but the energy there was really heavy.”

they say we always loved each other more during the night
than in the morning.

when she asked me to draw back the curtain,
I cheated on her with the sky and the city.

in the meantime we still swing inside ourselves,
when everything is long over.

where shall I seek shelter in vain
from her and the rain?

they say one evening
somebody spotted a trickle of blood
on her neck, right behind the ear.

until today it keeps appearing and disappearing.

until today I can’t believe
the earring is to blame.

Translated by Adam Zdrodowski.