Here’s A London Double-Decker Bus Doing Push-Ups

07.26.12 Marina Galperina

Prague’s artist David Černý bought a  1957 Routemaster bus and spent six months transforming it into the London Booster, seen in action heaving, grunting and heaving itself up on hydraulics outside the Czech Olympic House in Islington, north London.

I thought that push-ups would be perfect fun… It isn’t just a sporting activity used for exercising. It can also be used for punishment in the army or in prisons…. I like the ambivalence of that and the contradiction of sporting activities. It’s a complex beast.

You’re a complex beast, David Černý. Rowrrr. Surprised they even let you back into the UK after you mocked their hero Damien Hirst with your “Saddam Hussein” in an formaldehyde aquarium. After mocking and cutting UK out of your insane EU Entropa installation in 2009. After putting up faux-population control posters in London calling for a “Day of Killing” in the 90s.

(Lead photo: IanVisit/Flickr)