A version of Edvard Munch’s blockbuster The Scream will be auctioned off by Sotheby’s. It’s poised to sell for at least $80 million and maybe even beat out the record of the most expensive work ever sold at an auction, set in 2010 by Picasso’s naked young mistress painting at $106.5 million. Get ready for Munch-mania!

The work’s owner/shipping magnate heir/businessman/environmentalist says that proceeds from the sale will go towards building a Munch Museum/art centre/hotel on his farm, just in time for Munch’s 150th birthday next year.

He’s been hoarding it for awhile.

“Now, however, I feel the moment has come to offer the rest of the world a chance to own and appreciate this remarkable work, which is the only version of The Scream not in the collection of a Norwegian museum.”

How very generou$$$.