Chinatown retiree Wong San Yan wants to change his neighborhood, and possibly the world. To do so, he’s submitted a 113-page proposal to the city, outlining his farfetched plan to build a 128-story, 5-block “mega-skyscraper” called the Zongshan Center in Chinatown, stretching from the Bowery to Mott Street, between Bayard and Worth Streets. Curbed’s Pete Davies has dutifully slogged through San Yan’s proposal, and presents some highlights, including “the world’s largest revolving restaurant,” 12 floors of free-to-use community spaces, 10 floors of low- and middle-income housing, luxury condos, a “Galactic Hotel” and a “Super Galactic Hotel,” and a whopping 130 elevators.┬áThe proposal is served up with no small dose of idealistic philosophizing to go along with its more practical concerns. “Ordinary People, Middle Class, The Rich & Government Officials. All live in Harmony under the Same Sky,” it opens. “To Generate a Utopian Society with Great Dreams.”

A PDF of the full, novel-length proposal can be downloaded at Wong San Yan’s official site.