The Raskols are one of the most dominant gangs in the Port Moresby, New Guinea. Sydney-based photographer Stephen Dupont‘s first encounter with the gangs was during the ‘Kips Kaboni’ (Scar Devils) tribal conflict, following a murder of a Motu woman. The murder led to a rampage avenging her death and further violence. Dupont was given an opportunity to document the events which earned him the trust from the community, consequently enabling him to produce the portrait series.

From powerHouse Books, here’s Raskols: The Gangs of Papua New Guinea. Dupont explains:

“I chose to photograph them in very simple approach allowing each subject to project their own individual image. Each character was strong in their own way, and I wanted to capture something in their face, their eyes and their body language. My aim was to show the face behind the facelessness of gang culture really. An expose of a dark side of the human condition.”