Patrick Jacobs’s Apartments Are Smaller Than Yours

07.23.12 Andy Cush

Patrick Jacobs, a Brooklyn-based artist, creates tiny, hyperrealistic dioramas, viewable only through a three-inch peephole. He’s done lovely expanses of grass and flowers before, and now he’s turning his attention to the apartments of Gowanus.

“A kind of pseudo-science or homespun natural phenomena characterizes Jacobs’s work, whose protagonists are typically at odds with an increasingly anxious and paranoid world,” reads Jacobs’s official bio. It’s a thesis supported by these works, as the warm, green world outside the little apartments is visible only through a window even tinier than the peephole you’re looking through. All that’s well and good, but for my money, it’s more fun to willfully misread the pieces as a whimsical comment on Bloomberg’s recent micro-unit initiative, which would support the creation of (non-diorama) apartments of just 275 square feet.

Jacobs’s work is currently being showcased as a part of Brooklyn gallery Pierogi’s “Modus Vivendi” exhibition, and will be on display until July 29.