Bad Icons, Good Internet

UK street artist Paul Insect’s first New York solo show has just opened at the Opera Gallery. The longtime Banksy conspirator offers you acrylic and spray-paint-on-canvas paintings with two prevailing themes: the internet and bad religion.

Marvel at the bit-arty bull taken down by a game-controller-armed matador and a wolf-dog bursting out of captcha.

Also, there are several traditional looking Eastern Orthodox icons complete with Cyrillic holy scripture and golden details, marred bombastically with bright face distortions, swatches of color, some smearing away the features and some lampooning them into ridiculous, drooping shapes. They are almost balaclava-like. They are almost Pussy Riot-esque. They are almost also internet. “Out of Chaos,” Paul Insect, Nov 30 – Dec 21, Opera Gallery, New York