People Are Already Selling Twinkies on eBay

Less than 12 hours after Hostess announced it would be shutting its doors, “collectors” took to eBay to peddle boxes of the iconic confectionery company’s most well-loved product. Dozens of unopened boxes of Twinkies have popped up on the auction site since today’s announcement, ranging in price from $6 a box to a staggering $3,200 for “6.75 pounds of twinkies and almost 4 pounds of ding dongs.”

There’s a $100 box that’s described by the seller as “A “MUST HAVE” Holiday gift for the one who has everything! What better way to show how you feel than with some of THE LAST TWINKIES PRODUCED!” and a box of the “rare lemon flavor” that’s going for $5,000.

I was all ready to laugh at these sweet-toothed doomsday preppers, thinking the cakes would still be available in stores for a while, but upon calling ANIMAL’s local Hell’s Kitchen supermarket, I found that Twinkies were in fact out of stock. The horror!

Don’t worry too much, though–they’ve still got Ding Dongs.

A few of our favorite eBay entries:

(Top photo: C-Monster/Flickr)