NYPD officer Anthony Bologna, who has already been implicated in several lawsuits filed by people who were wrongfully pepper sprayed at Occupy protests last September, is being named in yet another suit against the department. A lawsuit filed by the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund alleges that protesters Johanne Sterling and Joshua Cartagena were victims of unlawful arrest, and in the case of Sterling, Bologna’s infamous pepper spray tactics.

An interesting bit of the suit implicates the NYPD for not stopping Officer Bologna sooner. From the Village Voice:

The lawsuit notes that by last September, New York City had ample reason to know that Bologna had a tendency towards unconstitutional policing tactics against protesters, citing eight different lawsuits against him stemming from the 2004 Republican National Convention and the 2002 World Economic Forum.

“The New York City Police Department (NYPD) fundamentally altered the exercise of free speech in New York City by eliminating the guarantees to engage in peaceable protest on the City’s sidewalks without fear of arrest and police violence,” the suit alleges.

(Image: Jim Kiernan)