There’s a scientific explanation as to why most Christmas-themed music is horrible. There are vital societal factors as to why tropical throw-back CGI is no longer a hot music video trend. The fact that this new Cornershop ft. TRWBADOR music video for  “Every Year So Different” succeed as both a seasonal song and a vaguely net-arty but new-y video is a Christmas miracle.

Director Chris Curtis tells Noisey, “the song inspired me to go down a rabbit hole of bygone bucolic happenings and into the inner mind of a cuckoo clock jukebox. Clockwork feline hosts and floating bears fill a festive snow globe world inspired by the rosy nostalgia of 50s and 60s American greetings cards. Scratching back and forth, the video serves up a wistful and warm classic.”

Translation: 50’s greeting cards with cats are the new low-fi dolphins, and still so internet. Now we know.