Magic Stripper Forest:
Petra Cortright’s Vicky Deep in Spring Valley

11.13.12 Marina Galperina

In the wake of last weekend’s RiRi ‘n’ Azealia’s rape/pillage of net art culture and #plur vibes, here’s some fresh new work from net artist Petra Cortright. Because just because someone is tuned into a specific zeitgeist visual aesthetic, doesn’t mean that’s all they’re about — here’s Vicky Deep in Spring Valley.

The piece is essentially an animated e-book, or rather “super virus-y .exes that you install on windows desktops” seen here at Club Midnight in Berlin as video art projections of low-fi Taj Mahals webby opulence, magical unicorn-populated forests and other busy, GIF-y compositions in scintillating colors. And then, strippers. Many giddy, joyful, femme creatures in frilly lingerie skipping and pole twirling around their rightful habitat of illusion and virtual fantasy swag.

Here’s an excerpt from Petra’s HELL_TREE reading at the NY Art Book Fair that you probably didn’t get into either because the line was out the damn building. Oh, Petra.

(Image: Art Fag City)