Oh sure, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the brand new Perot Museum of Nature and Science, sponsored by a $10-million donation from Hunt Petroleum owned by Exxon.

And it’s absolutely not suspicious at all that the museum’s Hunt Energy Hall includes an entrancing display of a giant drill-bit excitingly cutting into a rock and a super cool Shale Voyager virtual reality experience — you know, for the kids… to learn about the wonders of fracking, presumably.

Obviously, none of fracking’s environmental controversies and carcinogenic toxity to humans are addressed in the museum exhibit, becau$e duh.

Mother Jones points out that this corporate funding/possible curation of energy-related exhibits is a bit of pop-up museum trend from sea to polluted sea. It would be considered propaganda and possibly illegal for this level of influence to be demonstrated via “updated” textbook, as opposed a middle school field trip destination. Sigh. Hacking cough cough cough.