Tourists shitting in your city sucks, we know. Seems like Rome’s mayor Gianni Alemanno is getting militant about fighting them. He’s recently pioneered a new ordinance which outlaws eating and drinking in areas of “particular historic, artistic, architectonic and cultural value,” including landmarks such as the Colosseum, the Pantheon and even the Spanish Steps, which is a notorious lunch break spot.

Sure, tourists and locals have not been doing that great of a job respecting the artistic haven, sometimes resembling an open air hostel. And those boosy Roman students who went on a de-nosing epidemic from two years ago haven’t helped.

But now, most citizens are not sure if the ends justify the means, the means being a $650 fine for anyone munching on a sandwich near a landmark. On a recent saturday, a flash mob of locals flooded the City Hall steps while munching on pizza and panini. Mmm, protests are just so much better with food.

The ban will go in for review at the end of the year.

(Image: Flickr)