Have you ever actually looked at a pigeon up close? They’re really quite lovely little creatures. Julian Charriere and Julius von Bismarck know this, and they’ve collaborated on an art project aimed at restoring pigeons to their innate beauty and grace. For “Some Pigeons Are More Equal Than Others,” the artists had to create some sort of pigeon-luring-and-dying apparatus which airbrushed the birds with vibrant colors. No longer “rats with wings,” these select pigeons are more like flying gemstones. From what I can gather from the project’s website, the first iteration took place in Copenhagen, where the pigeon beautifying machine was installed on a roof for a week. But this kind of a high-fashion concept needs to be in a fashionable city, and thus the project was brought to Venice for its Biennale—Venice, of course, being known for being one of the pigeon-iest cities in Europe. Here’s to hoping those pigeons like their new ‘dos.