It must sting to be The Fancy, a $10 million website about collecting pictures of stuff you want to buy. They launched in 2010, with celebrity endorsements and exclusive invite-only access, and all the trimmings of startup success–and then Pinterest happened, basically making a national phenomenon out of more-or-less the exact same concept.

So The Fancy is taking it to the wall on 2nd and A, hiring Tats Cru to paint a big Pinterest logo and then buffing over it with “FANCY” all at once. It’s definitely a marketing play that is cognizant of street culture, but even ignoring its perhaps too-self-awareness, how many people are going to look at this and realize it’s an ad for The Fancy at all when it simply looks like a Pinterest ad that got buffed? (Maybe there’s a “dot com” behind that Honda.) (Thanks, Jay, for the shot!)