Political Advent Calendar Gives You 30 Reasons to Vote Obama

10.12.12 Lily Streeter

Still don’t know who you’re voting for this November? Too lazy to do your homework? Fear not – with cute embroidered fonts and charming illustrations, these posters will politely spell out the answer for you over the coming month, and all you have to do is sign up for a newsletter. Launched on October 8th, the viral campaign “30 Reasons” is set to count down to the election with a daily a graphic reminder of the reasons why the big Chief deserves another go at saving this fiery train wreck.

Not all of the signs are candy-coated sentimentalisms, however; one makes a direct (but still aesthetically-pleasing) attack on Romney’s personal finances, calling him out for profiting by outsourcing jobs and squirreling money away in Swiss banks. “Our goal is simple”, says the project’s website. “Use design to build a logical, multi-faceted argument for Obama and make it easy to share with another person.”