In 2009, Mayor Bloomberg convinced New York City and the City Council to let him run for a third term as mayor of the metropolis. And maybe everyone shouldn’t have been so easily swayed. According to a new poll conducted by the New York Times, an overwhelming majority of New Yorkers regret electing the mayor to an additional term: almost 75% of those polled said he should not have been allowed the third term. Were Bloomberg to push the envelope and try for a fourth term (he won’t), he would not have the vote of 65% of those polled. (Around 25% said they would reelect him—these are probably the laziest of the pollees—and 8% said it would “depend.”) Consistent with the numbers of a poll released about this time last year were the mayor’s job approval rating: 39% of those asked said they disapprove of his job performance. It’s understandable: dude has been in office for nearly a decade. And he’s such a weenie. (Photo: Make Roads Safe/Flickr)