Hacker YMCA Coming to Williamsburg, Maybe?

Welcome to Hackert0wn… almost! There’s a fundraiser on at IndieGoGoProposes to build a six-story community center for hackers from shipping containers in a 5,000 square foot parking lot at the Graham stop off the L.

Sean Auriti, co-founder of the Brooklyn hackerspace Alpha One Labs and the leader behind the Hackert0wn project, hopes to raise at least 1.5 million dollars in order to fund the initial construction. Considering the deadline is in 10 days and the initiative only has raised about $3,000, the realization of Auriti’s dream is still a bit far-off. Far-off as in somewhere on a planet in a galaxy that will never exist far-off. Damn.

The plans claim that the entire center will be self-powered and entirely independent from the New York power grid. The so-called “hacker mega-plex” will feature among other practical things an indoor hydroponics farm, a mall, sleeping pods, a toy room and a 38ft. tall “silo” that apparently “allows space enthusiasts and scientists to test flying machines.” Um. For real?