Taraka and Nimai Larson are sisters, weirdos, and performance artists/musicians who make up Prince Rama. The pair have released six records, toured internationally, and also held lecture-performances, including one for Takara’s manifesto on technology and the upcoming end of the world called “The Now Age.” The presentation involved a shitload of glitter and backup dancers. It was awesome.

The next project for the Prince Rama sisters is a musical film to accompany their latest album, “TOP 10 HITS OF THE END OF THE WORLD,” though “musical film” might not be the best way to describe it. The film, called Prince Rama and the Scorpion Tornado is a “psych opera of epic proportions.” Rama is pairing with Astral Projects to make the musical in Brooklyn, but they need some extra funds. Hence this, the best and weirdest Kickstarter campaign and video of all time. Prince Rama offer epic dance moves, live babies, a jacuzzi of blood, and that aforementioned “scorpion tornado.” The incentives are equally nutty, and if ever there were an experiential crowd-funding project, this is it. Seriously. Get your wallets out.