Julia Schramm, a rising young star in the German Pirate Party, wrote a book called Click Me: Confessions of An Internet Exhibitionist, for which she received a cool 100 grand from Albrecht Knaus Verlag, a small arm of publishing giant Random House. Schramm’s memoir capitalizes on her membership in a group whose manifesto states: “the present legal framework for copyrights limits the potential of the current development, since it is based on an outdated concept of so-called ‘intellectual property’ which opposes the goal of a knowledge and information society.”

Alrighty. So, current copyright laws retard progress in the digital age? I’m on board, pirates. But, wait. What’s this — Schramm’s publisher filed take down requests to get illegal copies of her book offline, under the banner of the Digital Millennium Copyright act? Yargh?

Members of the GPP have reacted, well, strongly. On Twitter, they’ve called her everything from “arrogant” to a “corporate slut.”

Sad news for Miss New Pirate Booty.

(Image: Flickr)