Yesterday, a group of Cooper Union students barricaded themselves inside the school’s Foundation Building to protest a plan that would enact tuition for undergraduate students at the historically free school. Though ANIMAL wasn’t able to actually get inside the occupied room, we did the next best thing: heading up to the building’s roof to speak to a group representative who was posted at the boarded-up door.

“They’re holding themselves in this room and occupying the space for an indeterminate amount of time,” said Stefan Fink of Students for a Free Cooper Union. “They have food, they have rations. They’re keeping they’re morale high.”

In other news: the protest group will hold a press conference in front of the school at 2:30 today, and recently released a new commnniqué, which reads in part:

Yesterday, an anonymous source shared a report with us detailing the results of a committee convened to analyze the feasibility of implementing undergraduate tuition in the School of Engineering. The research concluded that within 10 years, students could face between $40,000 and $80,000 in tuition fees. Since we received and shared this document, other members of the community have stepped forward to clarify the nature of the report. It is our understanding now that this committee was one of many tasked to research revenue generation for the school. We struggle with the fact that all of this information has come to light solely from a leaked document, and not the from our expectations of transparency and candor.

(Video: Aymann Ismail/ANIMALNewYork)