Pug Destroyer:
Dogs Singing Death Metal

11.06.12 Andy Cush & Nate Cepis

When certain pugs get overexcited, they produce a loud, high-pitched sound that falls halfway between a “squealing pig” and a “tortured human.” When I first heard it, one coworker successfully convinced me it was the sound of a puppy having its legs chopped off. It’s intense.

As intense, in fact, as the vocals of certain strains of extreme metal music–a fact ANIMAL decided to exploit by pairing the audio from several YouTube videos of the cacaphonous canines (completely unedited, mind you), with this death metal instrumental.

Perhaps Pug Destroyer, our all-doggie metal band, should tour with these OG pooches.

UPDATE: Turns out the band likes our video, so ANIMAL and Pig Destroyer officially collaborated on this Pug Destroyer t-shirt, benefiting the Pug Rescue of Florida.

(Photo: craig/Flickr)