The Pulaski Bridge Could Get a Full-Sized Bike Lane

Getting from Greenpoint to Long Island City and back will become a lot easier and safer for cyclists and pedestrians if State Assemblyman Joe Lentol has anything to say about it. The Brooklyn politician hopes to add a bike lane to the Pulaski Bridge, which spans Newtown Creek, connecting the two neighborhood. Currently, the bridge has three lanes of traffic on either side and one narrow strip shared by walkers and bikers–under Lentol’s plan, one lane of Brooklyn-bound traffic would be eliminated to make room for a full-sized, protected bike lane.

Though he has the support of advocacy group Transportation Alternatives (who are also behind the push to let bikers on the Verrazano Bridge), Lentol insists he’s behind the Pulaski lane for purely pragmatic reasons. “I’m not advocating for the pedestrians, I’m not advocating for the bicyclists,” he said. “I’m trying to solve problems.”

(Photo: NYC Tom/Flickr)