Here’s a video of Prime Minister Putin being lead into a court room cell as he’s charged with several crimes including “grand theft of state property, financial fraud, abuse of authority” and “participating in a terrorism act to intimidate citizens and manipulate state power.”

Just kidding.

Naturally, this is what the Russian Internet calls a “фейк” — a fake, like that time that for a second there, we thought wolves were roaming the Russian highways, oops — but it’s a good one. It looks legit-esque and it provides very necessarily psychological wank fodder to the millions of people who spent the last few years living under a puppet president merely there to warm the throne for Putin’s ex-KGB ass, the millions who were so obnoxiously de-frauded in December’s parliamentary elections for all of YouTube to see.

Currently, it’s being re-uploaded like mad. Oh, and it’s clever too: The judge here is Judge Danilkin, the one who put the “criminal”/Putin oppositionist Khodorkovsky in jail at his second trial.

After decades of Putin’s efficient but despotic rule and alleged journalist slayings, Russia’s getting back into protesting again. There are tens of thousands marching in the street at a time, billboards are hacked, bridges are bannered, a cop car was set on fire and the Red Square was temporarily crashed by a masked, feminist, hardcore band performing their song “Putin Pissed Himself.” That opposition also extends to internet video making. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Russian wing of Anonymous claims responsibility for this anonymous viral protest. Presidential elections: March 4th. Get ready.

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