Make no mistake. Keeping bees is not something just any old guy can do. Not in this city. You’ve gotta have papers, or The Man will shut you down.

That’s what Corona resident Yi Gen Chen learned when beekeepers under the authority of the NYPD showed up to screen his hives so they could be taken away to “an undisclosed location”, according to “NYPD beekeeper Detective Tony Planakis”. Because, as everyone knows, illegal bees are kept in that giant warehouse they put the Ark of the Covenant in after Indiana Jones found it.

Also, it’s unclear if Planakis is a Detective who also happens to be a beekeeper, or a detective that specializes in bee crime.

Beekeeping has been legal in New York since 2010 and does not require a license, but hives must be registered. Chen claims to be ignorant of any regulations despite the impressive swarm of bees he has. With 45 hives containing a ridiculous 3 million bees in his own home, even he admits that it’s gotten a bit crazy. “I don’t have the time or the resources to do this”, Chen told The Daily News.

One would imagine how annoyed his neighbors would be, and what they probably would like to do with all those bees

(Photo: csuspect/Flickr)