“Rape Is Rape” Projected on the Capitol

10.22.12 Irina Dvalidze

Paul Ryan may believe that there is no war on women, but feminist team “FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture” and the activist collective Luminous Intervention have just struck a blow at the narrow definition of rape sanctioned by such lawmakers as “rape-for-conception” fanboy Ryan“legitimate-rape” advocate Todd Akin and “easy-rape” pioneer Roger Rivard. On the eve of the final presidential debate, they took a cue from Jenny Holzer and projected “Rape Is Rape” on the Capitol building.

To explain: “Women are twice as likely to be raped in their lifetime than to develop breast cancer. Only 14% of all rape fits lawmakers Ryan, Akins and Rivard’s narrow vision of ‘forcible rape.’ The stories projected onto the capitol building last night are from the other 86% of people who have been raped.”

While the groups are aiming to counter the political rhetoric surrounding the issue, their larger goal is to stimulate nationwide conversation on the topic frequently neglected due to a climate of puritan prudishness and slut-shaming.

Following are the quotes project for the project and a rude awakening:

“As a young girl I was raped by a group of teenage boys. They put money on the bed afterward. I was convinced it was my fault.”

“My boyfriend kept trying to have sex with me. I kept saying no. He stopped after I started crying. I was 15. I remember apologizing later for crying. “

“I don’t remember the details of what happened. I pick up clues from the seemingly random things in sex that paralyze me with fear.”