Ray Bradbury hardly needs any more cred at this point. But wait, there’s more! L&M Arts, a bicostal gallery with an LA location constructed on cite of the sci-fi writer’s former home, is certainly aware of author’s posthumous potential. While the gallery was built at the cost of demolishing the famed writer’s house where he penned “The Martian Chronicles,” the Red Planet Series has found it’s way back to the place of its origin.

L&M Arts will be launching an exhibit titled “For Martian Chronicles” themed around Bradbury’s episodic novel on human colonization of Mars. Curated by Yael Lipschutz, the exhibit will showcase works from contemporary artists like Tom Sachs, along with late sci-fi veterans Michael Asher, Mike Kelley and Ken Price, along with original drafts of the series. Mars-inspired films will be projected on the East Gallery facade, played on the loop — from Matthew Richie’s Monstrance (2011), Kenneth Anger’s Invocation of My Demon Brother (1969), Brian Butler’s Night of Pan (2010), and Scoli Acosta’s Interior Cosmos (2009).

For the Martian Chronicles, Various Artists, Nov 8, 2012 – Jan 5, 2013, L & M Arts Gallery, Venice, California