Since the October 29 Con Edison electrical substation explosion and the subsequent blackout of a gigantic chunk of Manhattan, many — including ANIMAL — have ventured out to document the city’s surreal state, eerily submerged into complete darkness.

Russian photographer Nataliya Masharova and filmmaker Anatoli Ulyanov’s “cyber-movie” Blackout is a little bit different. Instead of painstaking, beautiful long-exposures, they’re presenting a series of dark photographs and videos, set to a haunting ambient track.

The City became a blind labyrinth with eerie shadows wandering its concrete canyons and flooded streets,” they write. They suggest you turn off the lights when viewing the page.

For those who weren’t trapped in the New York City blackout for days, this is a good way to “experience the dark.” For those that have, naturally, the hell they need this for…