Rebuild Peru’s Golden Temple With "Bricks" of Delicious Soda

05.01.12 Marina Galperina

There once was a golden palace in Qorikancha, Peru — a sculpture garden of gilded plants, animals and sun discs, exploding in glorious light when the sun was overhead. Then, the Spaniards came and, naturally, looted it to melt up some shiny money, stripping it bare, down to ruins. This summer, artist Celso (and “partner-in-crime” C-Monster) are going to Peru to rebuild the palace with bottles of Inca Soda as bricks. A series of rotating architectural installations will be temporarily erected in the plaza and once the sun hits it overhead, color the scene with cascading golden light. After it’s over, the soda pop will be given away. Simple. Perfect. Fun built on sadness. Fund La Luz now.