In New York City, Democrats outnumber Republicans by at least six to one, but that isn’t stopping five Republican county chairmen from setting their sights on the 2013 mayoral race. Yesterday, the chairmen released a statement indicating they intend to find a Republican candidate for mayor of New York City by the fall.
Billionaire supermarket magnate and past mayoral consideration John A. Catsimatidis is “obviously…our first choice,” said Craig Eaton, the Brooklyn chairman. But for his part, Catsimatidis (who is, incidentally, the father-in-law of Richard Nixon’s grandson) supports police commissioner Ray Kelly, about whom there have been rumors for some time. Dan Isaacs, Manhattan chairman, pointed the autumnal deadline directly at the commissioner. “We have our process, and we’re not going to wait, for example, for the commissioner to make a decision.”
Behind Catsimatidis and Kelly in line for the chairmen’s endorsement is newspaper publisher Tom Allon, who, interestingly, is a registered Democrat. Allon has previously expressed interest in the endorsement of the Republican Party.
Sounds like Christine Quinn is going to have to learn how to control her temper.

(Photo: Joseph/Flickr)