I have to admit, I can’t tell whether this video is a bite-size celebration of the quotidian life of the subway, or whether it’s voyeuristic-creepy. I can tell you that I’ve always wanted to make some kind of supercut of people riding the subway—in a celebrate-the-quotidian kind of a way. People take on personae they might not otherwise—the Alone-in-Public, the Attentive Listener, the “I Have Something to Add Here.” In this minute-long clip, Juan Ozuna captures a number of these personalities, along with one of my favorites: the Why-is-This-Guy-Talking-to-Me. I’m going to go ahead and come down on the side of not-creepy here, especially given the fact that Ozuna is from Texas and probably doesn’t have a ton of experience on the subway. But I have to admit, the video’s description, “Get on. Get off,” isn’t exactly helping the cause.