Rihanna Is a #Seapunk Net Artist Now

11.12.12 Marina Galperina

PLUR whaaa?

Everyone on Tumblr is very upset that Rihanna’s SNL performance of “Diamonds in the Light” appropriated seapunk via green-screen. The fuck is seapunk? It’s that internet-art influenced music and visuals trend from last summer/whatev. It’s very specific. Dolphins. Fractals. Molly Soda. Tropical #vibes. Undulating, low-fi CGI. Green hair. Lots of intra-scene spillover with oily rainbows. Just do the Google images thing. Right? Right.

Don’t worry, guys. Everyone noticed.

It’s like, all that stuff. And an inbred child of the “Boys of Paradise” video by Unicorn Kid (the reluctant so-called “seapunk founder,” LOL) from waaay back in the day aka 2011 and Jerome LOL’s 2010 “1, 2, 3.”

Well, at least they have a good attitude about it.


Also, can we please take a look at the net art queen bee darling superstar Petra Cortright (seriously, look!) and then this video from a few years ago? And here’s an Excepter video wherein she conjured video graphics. It wasn’t shining bright enough like a diamond though, so…


And then Azealia Banks released pretty much the identical rippage rampage. It’s even called “Atlantis.”

What can we say?


Relax, internet. Didn’t you see that Micki Minaj video that was basically Yayoi Kusama and all her Whitney Museum dots and balls, but in hot Barbie pink? Flashback to Britney’s Men in Cities bit? Sorry if this very common thing that happens in pop music all the time happened a little fast for you. (But I am sorry. Honest. Who wants hugs?)

And everyone else who is late like Rihanna? It is now officially too late to dye your hair this color: