Eduard Khil, who you Americans know as YouTube’s Trololo man, died in St. Petersburg last night at 77. He will be dearly missed, ya ya yaaaah, ya ya yaaah, yaaah, ya yah.

President Putin sends his condolences. Khil suffered a stroke in April and has been hospitalized since with severe brain dammage, then dropped into a comma. And died.

Khil went mega-USSR famous shortly after breaking out in 1962 and toured world-wide. This here singing is “vokaliz”–a popular type of Southern Soviet yodeling. Story goes that the “I’m So Glad I’m Finally Coming Back Home” jam was banned by Soviet censors for being about a cowboy, so Khil changed the words to trololo, etc.

Then, he virally resurfaced in 2010. 12 million hits and counting! He was pretty happy about it. Remember him so:

In Memoriam!