“Vintage” Romney Campaign Pins
From the 1950’s

10.08.12 Marina Galperina

Finally, the Romney/Ryan duo gets the visual treatment it deserves! Harking back to the good old days, simulated vintage Yesteryear Collectables do Conservative Family Values in a most appropriate context… faux-1950s campaign schwag.

Here they are: A crisp “Taking Our Country Way Back” poster with its “subtle yellowing,” and series of most un-subtle pins. Since Romney won’t acknowledge extremist elements of the Republican Party… There’s a button for everyone: Birthers, Bible Literalists, Subserviant Housewives and etc.

Bid and buy, and Yesteryear Collectables will match the final bid with a donation to Obama for America: “We are in no way affiliated to Barack Obama’s re-election campaign nor the DNC. Just folks who think we should move forward, not backward. Cheers.”

Cheers, indeed.