Over the weekend, Beverly Hills officials removed this hideous Ron Paul “spray-paint stencil on wood” that was taped to a statue on Rodeo Drive, trying to be the next Shepard Fairey “Hope” poster. The nauseating Warhol silk-screen fake has already been plastered on the Republican candidate’s blog. There’s another dozen out there, according to the “huge supporters” behind the stencil, but the city officials aren’t too happy.

Beverly Hills official Therese Kosterman explains:

“It did initially leave marks on the [sculpture] base from the double-sided tape, which took considerable time for our staff to remove.”

Double-sided tape? Tsk-tsk. Some braggart from the Urbin Alchemist collective brags:

“We wanted to give him a cooler image and see what people think… We are talking to Ron Paul’s campaign to see if they want to use the painting. If not, we might do T-shirts and buttons.”

Well, now it make$ $en$e. Hey kids! Who wants a coooool Ron Paul button?