Lest you think that OK GO invented the whole complicated DIY machines that do simple tasks thing…WRONG. No, it wasn’t Pee Wee Herman either. Presenting: Rube Goldberg, the O.G. of the sequential apparatus. These archival comic strips are currently on view at the New Museum as part of their Ghost in The Machine exhibit (right next to the IRL Kafka torture machine) and they are nifty.

These are just comics. On paper. They’re not YouTube videos yet. You have to imagine it–how to take your own picture and “keep your button-hole flower fresh” with a series of ropes, pulleys, scissors, fans, irons, mice, buckets of water, and a tiny tiny “Arab.” Wait, what the hell? Ah, yeah, not awkward at all, Rube, you old pal. (Photos: ANIMALNewYork)