“If the use of grog was common practice, the mixture was anything but standard. Vernon ordered a quarter of water to a half a pint of rum (four to one), others ordered three to one, and Admiral Keith later issued grog at five to one. The mixture seamen used for grog was named by compass points. Due North was pure rum and due West water alone. WNW would therefore be one third rum and two thirds water, NW half and half, etc. If a seaman had two “nor-westers,” he’d had two glasses of half rum and half water.”

The historical reference for “Due North Rum”, a new cane sugar-based, vanilla-tinged rum that’s being distilled in Red Hook by Daric Schlesselman. It’s not on sale yet, so you’re going to have to storm the Van Brunt Stillhouse and take the rum by force, just as god and country intended.