Russians Need to Stop Cheating In These Extreme Free-Climbing Videos

05.18.12 Marina Galperina

Here’s the latest video of Russian teenagers trespassing a very, very, very, very tall bridge to record themselves shimmying along its edges, an inch away from death. Great. Just one thing. The fish-eyed lens is really not necessary.

Seriously. Can we cut that shit? We’ve seen so many of these daredevil antics, one more frightening and dizzying than the next. But see…

Listen up, crazy comrades. So you’re hanging off that steel pillar, dangling hundreds of feet in the air, and we get all vicariously exhilarated and hold our breath as you throw your high fives and then we see the ground bellow distorted in your superfluous fish-eyed lens and… really?

You’re not in space.