For the first time in five years, there’s a tie for the winner of the annual Kandinsky Prize awards. Russia’s prestigious equivalent of the Turner prize named two winners for the coveted Project of the Year category. You should really see this.

Allegoria Sacra is the final installment of the AES+F collective’s Heaven/Hell/Purgatory trilogy. It’s a surreal opus. Watch the digitally collaged skinhead/preacher/extremist militant/Chinese communist stereotypes move languidly within complex, Renaissance painting-inspired compositions. They’re in the airport. They’re in the snow. They’re waiting. Alien babies will twirl their insectoid tails. Crosses will cling. Baseball bats will swing. Heads will roll. Oh, it’s ever so bombastic and insane and a bit cheesy and overwhelmingly epic. Yeah, yeah.


Sculptor Grisha Bruskin’s H-Hour series ties for the title. There’s also a lot of killing: class vs. class, us vs. them, subconscious vs. you… Sensing a pattern here? There’s also time vs. you. Death vs. you. Tick tock. There’s something very traditional, claymation-throwback about it, but twisted. Naturally.

Pussy Riot was also nominated but won nothing.