Many, oh so many Russia-dwelling Russians are notoriously terrible parkers. Here’s a possible solution — the “Parking Douche” app that identifies and publicly shames these degenerates. Yeah, get Big Brotherly on your comrades, Russians, because BMWs half-ramming a sidewalk is your biggest problem.

See that little blue siren slapped on said BMW? That means it’s a “special” car of a government official and they basically do whatever they want, all the time, loudly. It’s an epidemic. People protest. Voina attacks cars with buckets on their heads. You can’t fight the system because in Russia, the system… is an army of cops beating you on the head. And now Czar Putin’s employees are attempting to increase the fine for “unsanctioned protests” 200 times, up to $32,000. Well, this got unamusing quickly. Less news, more viral videos?