Remember in 2010, when hip-hop/R&B producer extraordinaire Ryan Leslie lost his precious laptop on a tour stop in Germany, and offered to pay $1 million to anyone who found and returned it? As it turns out, 54-year-old German auto repairman Armin Augstein returned the laptop, but Leslie refused to pay up, claiming that the missing music files he was after had been compromised. So Augstein did what any sensible person would do: he took Leslie to court.

In a ruling yesterday, a federal court in Manhattan ordered Leslie to pay up in full. Augstein was grateful, and held what sounds like very little ill will towards the musician. “No one forced him to make an offer of so much money for a finder’s fee,” he said. “It seems like he believes that that which he promised, he doesn’t have to live up to,” adding that Leslie was “personally very friendly” when the two men met.

On another note, it seems there aren’t any R-Les fans at the New York Post, which mistakenly referred to Leslie as a “rapper” when reporting the story.