New York’s coming bike share program has had more than its fair share of setbacks, and it may have just had another. The Brooklyn Navy Yard, where much of the operation’s equipment was being stored before its spring 2013 rollout, suffered damages from six feet of flooding during Hurricane Sandy. A spokesperson for the Mayor’s office announced that some bike share equipment had been harmed, but the Department of Transportation would not detail the extent of damage, saying only that it was “making an assessment.” The Navy Yard couldn’t comment on Bike Share specifically, but did say that some businesses at the yard “suffered significant losses to machinery, equipment and inventory.”

The operation was slated to begin last summer, but when problems arose with the software for the program, it was pushed back to next year. According to Paul Steely White of the transit advocacy group Transportation Alternatives, the delays are starting to wear down on the city’s riders. “New Yorkers have been patient,” he said. “I think that with any more delays, New Yorkers’ patience will start to wear a bit thin.”

(Photo: NYC Department of Transportation/Flickr)