Peek the gratuitous Photoshoppery in this forum and see all these movie posters David Bowie-ed, oh glory, glory. Have I not talked about my Bowie obsession? Yeah. That. David Bowie in 2001: The Space Oddity. A-hahaha-ha. “Why So Androgenous?” A-ha. Ha. Look!

Wasn’t there a Twitter account that similarly encouraged remixes of film titles, incorporating Smiths lyrics? Right, @Steveonfilm. Oh, good, my “Hairdresser on Fire Walk With Me” and “This Charming Man Who Fell to Earth” are still up there. (NERD!) Damn, that’s Bowie again. That was the best. So what if his animatronic crotch was a bad idea? He really should (have) be(en) in more movies. Well, one can pretend.

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