On Park Slope’s Garfield Place, one of the homes is not like the others–just off the corner of Polhemus, amidst rows of nearly identical townhouses, sits a single bubblegum-hued absurdity. The building has been pink for decades, and when the city established the Park Slope Historic District in 1973, it seemed as though its unusual color was going to be preserved in amber. Now, new owners have moved in and received permission to paint the brownstone brown.

“There are a lot of mixed emotions about the decision to paint the townhouse brown,” said Landmarks Preservation Commission spokeswoman Lisi De Bourbon. “We [considered] whether those changes will be consistent with the color of the buildings around it, and whether the changes will be consistent with the history and the architecture of the building that’s being repainted.”

At least one neighbor will miss the Pepto-colored edifice. “I didn’t exactly like it — but I appreciated it because it stood out and it was bold,” said longtime Park Slope resident Jonathan Blum. “Painting a brownstone? No one does that!”